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Annual Fee: $ 95.00

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The undersigned here applies to be accepted as a Member of the Educational Community of Homeowners (Echo). Echo reserves the right to refuse membership to any firm or person not meeting the standards set by the Board of Directors of the Educational Community of Homeowners. If accepted, the undersigned agrees to comply with the following conditions:

Standards of Membership

1. I agree to abide by a high standard of professional conduct and ethics as may be expressed by the Echo Board of Directors and to operate in the best interest of member homeowner associations.
2. Members in violation of the standards and ethics are subject to censure and termination of membership on the recommendation of their peers and by action of the Echo Board of Directors.

How Echo Uses Your Information

1. Echo will never sell or share your personal information with any third-party without your express permission.
2. You will receive the paper and electronic editions of the bi-monthly Echo Journal.
3. We will use your email address to receive the alternate months e-newsletter, contact you about your membership status if necessary, recent event registrations, purchased you that you have made, upcoming events, articles, and announcements.
4. An email address is required if you wish to access the Echo Journal online, receive the e-newsletter or access other membership only online content. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Membership Terms and Conditions

1. Individual Memberships are not intended for use by HOA boards. Annual dues are payable in advance. The first year’s dues must be included with this application. Thereafter, members will be billed annually to the primary billing address listed above.
2. If your application is declined, the full payment will be refunded. Members will be billed annually in the anniversary month of joining. Membership will be automatically terminated for failure to pay dues 30 calendar days after the dues become delinquent. Terminated members may be reinstated upon payment of delinquent dues.
3. Memberships may be terminated by written notice to the Echo office. No refunds of dues will be made for memberships that are terminated early.
4. Adjustments of membership dues may be made from time to time by the Echo Board of Directors.
5. Referral Memberships are reduced for 1 year and 1 time only maximum duration. Renewals after the first year will return to published pricing.
6. Full Terms and Conditions of this membership can be found at www.echo-ca.org.


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